It's more than Maternity Clothes; It's a love of the pre-born

I remember so vividly the moment I felt my first baby kick.  I was serving tables in a busy cafe downtown Edmonton, on my feet racing around getting coffees and crepes for my regulars and there it was. I stopped in my steps and waited for the next flutter and there it was again.  A perfect little person was alive inside of me and making himself known. I had always been anti-abortion but it was that moment that it became tangible; personal.  Then, 8 years later and four children later Bump Maternity Boutique was born.  I started Bump to fill a retail gap that was missing in our area and surrounding communities, but I also started it because it seemed like an avenue to take care of that muma. The one who was overwhelmed, unsure, or feeling alone in her pregnancy.  It seemed like a way to love the pre-born from an angle of mother-care; perhaps seemingly distant or removed, yet somehow connected and steady.  I recalled conversations I'd had with a friend who'd had an early abortion and I grieved for her; with her.  I wished I'd been a louder voice of love and reason in her scared, lonely decision.  I vowed I would better support other mumas in similar situations.  Before there was Bump Maternity Boutique, there was a love of pregnancy, a love of motherhood, a love of life.

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